Red Alert 2 (Soviets) Spoiler Warning!

This would be my quick review of the Soviets in general.  I just finished their campaign and I loved it!  The hardest mission for me was Chrono Defense without a doubt.  Picture this, for those who have never played it:  You’re in charge of protecting a small plateau with 4 ways in for ground forces (5 if you count a small loop at the top) and very little room to place much in the way of good defenses.  The Allies don’t have a formal base on this map, but send waves of troops over via their Chronospehere.  The first few waves aren’t so bad and allow you to set your base up and get some basic defenses and some troops in place to deal with their onslaught, but it gets nasty quick.  They start adding more troops to their assault, including Snipers, which kill infantry in one hit.  You’re doing your best just to hang on and hold off their advances while protecting the one building that you need to keep in one piece.  They’ll throw everything at it to try to either knock it out or take it over, either of which earns you an immediate loss.  After six assaults, you can finally rest easy as they will give up.

The second last mission for them has you taking out the Kremlin with a small starting base and some new toys to play with: Kirov ships.  These zeppelins with large bombs take a crapload of damage and dish it out… when they can eventually fly to their target.   They have the ability to heal the damage they take given enough time (which is nice because they can’t land on a service depot to repair themselves).  The forces he threw at me were much bigger than I thought, so I lost my whole base except for the 2 Kirov’s that I started with.  I Moved them down and east, taking out whatever I could along the way.  Given enough time, I hoped to at least make it worth their while before I would have to restart.  I slowly made it to their eastern base and wiped out the tanks and Conscripts on their way, which brought them to Elite status.  When Elite, their bombs look like they throw out electric sparks and seem to be larger.  Very nice!  Between giving them some time to repair their damage, I managed to take out the flak cannons in the area and then destroyed the small base, knocking out their Nuclear Reactor.  At this point, it seemed like I might have a chance, so I continued my march toward the Kremlin.  I took out another base of their’s and set my sights to the northeast, where my target lay, protected by flak cannons, Tesla Coils and Psi-Corp Troops.  I took out enough reactors in the Northwest to offline the coils surrounding the area, so I wiped out everything there.  I sent one ship to the east to see what else was there and it was finally shot down by flak fire.  It didn’t matter much, really.  My other Kirov hovered over its target, opened up the bomb bay doors and destroyed the Kirov, driving Yuri into hiding.  The final mission against the Allies wasn’t too hard.  Once I moved into position with my base and held off the initial assaults of Chronoed troops, I built up the Navy (which was nice, but not as crucial as the briefing would have you believe) and some Kirovs to help me move inland.  This took time, but my losses were fairly small.  I took over a position of his to the southeast of the island.  So many of his troops seemed to want to take out the Air Force Command that I appropriated and the Harriers on it, which baffled me.  After shuttling in Apocalypse tanks and a few V3’s, I set up with my Kirovs to take out some defenses.  Between them bombing things and acting as spotters for my Dreadnoughts to shell further inland, I wiped their main hold on the island out, but I reached a point to close and he started Chronoing in sets of Prism tanks, IFV’s, and Grizzlies.  I held my own and let the Apocalypse Tanks go to Elite status.  I ended up winning by accident when some Dreadnought missiles hit the Chronosphere instead of the Patriot Missile that I thought I was aiming for.  Still… a victory is a victory.  Now it’s on to Yuri’s Revenge for me!  I’m a bit disappointed ion that because it doesn’t sound like Yuri has a campaign of his own.  I was looking forward to playing as his units in a story, but it sounds like you can only do that in multiplayer.

As for a unit comparison, let’s see….  once I could build Apocalypse Tanks, the Rhino’s had little use for me.   I never built and Psi-Corp Troopers, rarely built dogs (except for the Chrono Defense in which they came very much in handy).  Flak Troopers were useful once in a while (usually around cannons for added oomph).  Tesla Troopers weren’t built as often as they could have been, but when I used them, they were great!  In the final mission, I stole their barracks in the Northeast and had it long enough to build a Tesla Coil and I stationed 2 Tesla Troopers there.  Onme went to Elite between juicing the coil and firing into tanks that came by.  After a bit, he was tough enough that between him and the coil (the other was killed), they could take on six Grizzlies at a shot with very little damage (and target the Prism Tanks before they could pass the area).  Flak Tracks were fun as troop transports once in a while, but their mobile support against Rocketeers was quite valuable.  Groups of them around Flak Cannons made for quick Elite trips and a lot of dead Allies.  I almost never built Terror Drones.  When I got them I would use them a bit, but they always seemed a bit too hard to use quickly and aggressively.  Sea Scorpions would be used as anti-Rocketeer defense very nicely and supported my Subs.  I never used a single Giant Squid, though.  By the time I could train them, I didn’t really have many large ships that a wolfpack of Subs couldn’t deal with.  Neat idea, yes, but I never got the hang of using them.  I also never used (or built) the Iron Curtain.  I only launched one nuke, so that wasn’t a very important building for me either.  I built the Psychic Sensor by mistake in the last mission, but was very glad I did so.  The intel it gives you on what will be attacked was invaluable in the early part of the mission.  It’s a shame that it will be lost as Yuri stole it. 🙂  I also only built the Cloning Vat in the last mission to play with it.  Not terribly useful when I built it (especially in that mission when garrisoning buildings would have been useless), but I can see its uses elsewhere.

Overall, an excellent game.  I’m very satisfied.  Who knows… maybe one day I’ll get through Yuri’s Revenege and move through CnC Generals and actually get to play CnC 3!

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