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Sigma Star Saga

April 12, 2008

Last Sunday, I beat Sigma Star Saga for the first time and I have to say I really enjoyed it.  It’s a challenging game that combines the scrolling space shooter game with an exploration game.  Typically a formula like this doesn’t work too well, but it holds it own in this case with a few minor exceptions.  On the inventory screen, they have room for over 20 items, but you will never even see that many, let alone hold on to all of them at once.  Some people figure they just reused the one screen for bullet types and copied it over for the inventory screen, which is possible.  Also, a glitch in the game makes the game impossible to continue unless you kill yourself in one stage.  There is an enemy that is a small canister and it projects an invincible ghostly image.  If you kill the projector, the ghost goes away too.  However, some of those canisters don’t have a ghost attached to them.  If you kill them, you can’t exit the stage without killing yourself.  I figured this out on my own, like most, but it is a glitch that could really wreck the game if it was earlier on than it is.

The story involves a conflict between the people of Earth and the aliens of the Krill Empire.  You play a man named Recker and your C.O. will plant you inside their forces to learn information.  Over the course of events, you will not really be sure who to trust between the Krill and the Humans and friends that you make may do things to make you question their motives as well.  A fascinating story that keeps you guessing from start to finish.  Note: if you don’t find the story’s ending to be to your liking, if you save the game after you finish (wait through the credits), you can start will all of your gun data (more on that in a moment) and you will eventually find a new item that will change the ending.  Good news for those that like a happy endign all around!

In the shooter segments, you pilot a Krill fighter and you have to destroy a certain number of enemies before you can leave.  3 things will affect the way you attack those enemies: The Cannon, the Bullet, and the Impact.  The cannon is the way that your ammo will fly out of your ship like in a cross pattern, rapid fire or one that you can aim in 8 directions on your own.  The Bullet affects the style of ammo you can use such as a wave pattern, large bubbles or mines.  The Impact is what happens when the bullet hits its target.  Some variations are a smoldering affect that is great against bosses, dropping rocks below the impact, or one that generates a small pod of experience after every 30 hits.  Yes, I said experience.  You gain levels as you kill enemies in the shooter scenes and that allows you to take less damage and dish out more punishment as well.

Overall, I really liked this game a lot and highly recommend it for anyone that plays Game Boy Advance titles.  It might be a little hard to find these days, but it’s worth the investment.  Now I’m going to finish it for the second time and get that better ending!