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Yuri’s Revenge Allied thoughts

March 3, 2008

This won’t be as long a post as the previous Red Alert ones, so it will only focus on the Allied campaign for Yuri’s Revenge.  All in all, they fare pretty well against Yuri’s forces, but there is a definite shortcoming if you don’t plan to use a crapload of Prism Tanks.  Especially when in their Elite state, the range of these Prism Tanks is far greater than anything Yuri can throw at you, allowing them to his anything without worry.  The new units are fun, too: The Seal is nice to have around once in awhile, the Guardian G.I. is quite effective against vehicles (uncrushable!) and airborn weapons.  Their only weakness is that they don’t do much against infantry and seem to take greater damage from them when in their deployed state, so they should have some backup.  The Robot Tanks were interesting and fun to play with, but in the grand scheme, I used Prisms far more often.  Robot Tanks were good for launching a secondary strike against areas that had good mind control in place as they have no mind to control.  Not terribly powerful, but useful in the right situations.  The Battle Fortress was a lot of fun, too.  I never had the chance to crush vehicles with them, but I did load them up with a Sniper and 4 Guardian G.I’s to have a great anti-infantry/anti-vehicle tank ‘o doom.  I never used the Force Shield at all, so I can’t comment on that.

The missions were well-designed and were quite hard.  It’s a good thing that I played this right after Red Alert 2 or the difficulty jump would have been a bit too much.   Yuri’s forces are fun to watch and I did control them in a skirmish just to play around and they seemed to be a fun group, but I didn’t have time to see all of them, so I will comment on them later.  The last mission was difficult, but not overbearing.  When I went through it a second time, I attacked his miners and the group going for the 2 Derricks at the bottom of the map where the Allies landed and I think that allowed me to turn the tides a little.  It seemed to cut off his money a little bit, though he never let up on the attacks.  Kirov’s once again saved the day, but even they were eventually cut down by the repeated firing of the Gatling Cannons.  Still, I prevailed eventually… or so I thought.  I wiped everything out that I could see and then I remembered that Yuri was able to grab all (or most) of my subs from the early part of the mission with the Psychic Dominator.  I had a hell of a time building another Naval Yard to get subs to take them out because every time I would put one down, the captured subs would destroy it before I could get more than 1 or 2 subs out.  Finally, I built it on the far side of the small island to the right of where the Soviet base started.  I had enough time to build 4 or 5 subs before he found it and came to attack and that was enough of a force to whittle down the remainders and finally give me the win.  Now all that’s left is to see the sequel (red Alert 3!)   Of course, I still have the Soviet side to play through and that will get started later today.

On a side note, we all know Tanya is hot as hell, but who the hell knew Lt. Eva was so attractive?
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