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Yuri’s Revenge Soviet thoughts

March 8, 2008

I just finished playing as the Soviets and now I’ll list the good and the bad for them.  First, the new units coming into play:  Boris… Boris is a ton of fun and can be more versatile than Tanya in some instances.  He can plow through vehicles pretty easily, but doesn’t hold up against taking out structures quite as quickly.  He can take them out a good distance away, which is good against defensive structures, but with main buildings, Tanya gets the job done faster.  The Siege Chopper was fun, when I could make use of it.  Powerful against infantry (as long as it’s not a Flak Trooper or Guardian G.I., anyway) and when it deploys, it gives a good alternative to the formidable damage that a V3 can dish out.  The Chopper’s advantage is that the firepower can’t be intercepted like the V3’s missiles.  Of course, when it’s on the ground, it can be mind-controlled just like any other ground vehicle, so you need to keep an eye out.  Keeping a few in the air nearby can keep Yuri Clones away from a quick mind-control steal.  The Spy Plane gives a good way of seeing more of the map and it doesn’t take too long to recharge and use again (and it’s free once the radar goes up).  The Industrial Plant is amazing in what it can do, providing that you can support the somewhat hefty cash and energy cost.  By reducing the price and build times of vehicles by 1/4, you effectively get 5 units for the price of 4 in the time it takes to build 4.  Very nice for improving their already great vehicle war game.  Finally, the Battle Bunker.  While not a unit per se, it is an amazing structure that doesn’t require any power and allows Conscripts to garrison it, giving your base a powerful protection that lasts in power outages.  Each can only hold 5, but placed right, they can cover one another and make a base damn near impossible to crack.  This also makes it much easier to take and keep the Neutral Tech building like the Oil Derricks, Hospital, Outpost and Machine Shop.   I really wish I could have used the Cosmonauts in more missions, though.  They were a ton of fun and had some great power, even if they were a bit pricey.

The missions were hard, like the Allied ones, but they didn’t always have the same hard endgame.  Getting started in the missions was typically difficult, but once you were dug in pretty well, you could hold your own without worrying too much.   The last mission was rough at first until I had a decent force and most of the bottom half of the map scanned.  Getting rid of his Grinder helped a little bit, but it was only when I held the ore field up top below Yuri’s base that things started to even out a little.  The number of units that would come down to attack me decreased sharply once I started taking out his miners.  I liberated the Soviet base first since it had less in the way of anti-air defenses and sent my Kirovs in straight for the Psychic Beacon (its destruction gives that base and everyone inside to me, cutting his effective power by one third).  I set up some Grand Cannons on the left side of the new Soviet Base and let them pound away at whatever Yuri structure they could find.  Typically the nailed miners that were just coming out of the factory (and taking the factory out sometimes), so a lot of his money was spent just trying to catch up and rebuild what I would destroy.  I liberated the Allies next, though I lost a good Number of Kirovs doing so.  I had Apocalypse Tanks behind them, but kept them back because I didn’t want to lose them to the Prism Towers in the base.  In hindsight, I probably could have taken the Towers without losing many Tanks and then they could have taken out the Anti-air problems and I would have lost fewer Kirovs.  Oh well.  Once I had the Allied Base as well, it was just a matter of coordinating the Grand Cannons and getting my Apocalypse Tanks in past their shelling to start ripping apart Yuri’s base, one bit at a time.  It didn’t take too long and I was able to celebrate in Soviet fashion.

All in all, I’m quite happy with Yuri’s Revenge, though I still wish that they would have come up with a campaign for Yuri himself.  It would have given you a chance to see his units and figure out the best way to use them, not to mention give him a neat story of how he takes over the world.

I’m not sure what the next game goal is for me.  Maybe install Command and Conquer Generals next and play through that.  Little by little, I’m catching up to things.  I won’t be ready for when Kane’s Wrath comes out in a few weeks, but I’ll still be having fun in the meantime.  I do think it’s time to do some more classic gaming, though.  Initially I set this blog up for that purpose, so it seems logical to play some old games and blog about their strengths and weaknesses.  We’ll see what comes up next.

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